What WE DO?

At Adminds Digital, we like to speak to you in plain English, this is what we call our transparency.


High volumes of quality newsletter subscriptions and email data of users interested in your services and products.


Increase your telemarketing performance with our list rental!!
Adminds is specialized in generating highly convertible telemarketing leads. We target the right consumers that are interested in your products, which translates in higher conversion rates on your calls.

To ensure the above happens, we pass all the data through our most strict validation filters, our company policy is that we don't send a number that hasn't been active in the last 24h, sounds good? get in touch!!


High volumes of quality newsletter subscriptions and email data of users interested in your services and products.


Lead Generation is a priority for businesse's. Reach your target audience in the most cost effective way through Adminds unique Lead Generation methods, which will bring you bespoke high quality leads through premium channels.

Some of our unique methods for emailing consist in hand picking the users from our highly segmented DB to maximise your ROI, our DB's are one our most prized possessions our bread and butter this means we have a dedicated team that looks after them very carefully.

When speaking about co-reg on our site's we will only display the advert/s to users that match 100% our clients criteria, through previous profiling, users behaviour..., this way you can be sure to receive not only an active lead but a SALE...

Why Adminds?

Adminds Digital helps you gain new customers by delivering prospects that are likely to buy your products/services.
Depending on your business model, we have the tailor-made solution for a successful cooperation.


Helping you sell more and get more customers. This is the only thing we care for. With Adminds Digital you will get local experience in your sector, high lead quality, volumes, one-to-one professional consultation, exclusive products and delivery of new profitable customers.

WORK with Us


We are always on the look out for talented and joyfull people to join our team. If you are interested in working at Adminds then drop us a line and fill up the contact form below and we will analyzed your case personally.

Current positions available can be found here.

TEAM. Who's behind Adminds?

Companies are the people who work there, and the big companies are made by great people.
Adminds Digital consists of a professional and qualified team.

Alfonso Machancoses

Marta Pawlak
Head of Emailing and Affiliation

Neeti Rajgarhia
Digital Media Specialist

Amandine Boutonnet
Country Manager

Aleksandra Boldyreva
Account Manager

Anton Kudinov
Leading Software Engineer

Yensy Acosta
Financial Controller

Javier Vidal
Head of Emailing

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